Errlectric ®
Concentration Station™

Errlectric ®
MobilEnail ®

PID Types
List Price $499 $599 $300 - 1,000
Power Supply 120V Wall Plug Internal 2-Hr Li-Ion Battery
with 120V Wall Charger
120V Wall Plug
Heater Included
Nail Included
Technology Embedded
Basic PID Controller
"Fool-Proof" Operation
Digital Temperature Control
Temperature Range 0 - 800°F 0 - 750°F  
F/C Temperature Modes
Automatic Shut-Off Timer
3-420 mins

2-Hour Battery Life
Soft-HeatTM Technology
Agency Safety Listing
UL Listed Appliance

Battery Certification
High-Voltage Connector
UL High Voltage
4-Pin Connector

High Amp
DC Connector

Low-Voltage Audio
XLR Connectors
Grounded Power Cord N/A
Electronic Shock Protection N/A
Overload Protection
High-Temp Shut-Down
Sensor Error Shut-Down
Licensed, Insured Manufacturer
Warranty 3-Years 2-Years  


No Yes Unknown

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