Frequently Asked Questions

UL is on of the most highly regarded independent product safety testing laboratories in the world. Most home and commercial products bear the UL mark which assures customers that the product they purchased is manufactured in accordance with a strict set of standards designed to protect the safety of the end user. Further, UL sends inspectors to the manufacturing plant every quarter to audit the manufacturing process, the parts being used, and what products the UL mark is being applied to. Errlectric® Concentration Stations™ are UL listed for safety which means that they have passed the rigorous testing requirements of UL and continue to be manufactured to the same high standards. For more information about UL, visit their website:
The temperature is easily adjusted in ten degree increments from 0 to 850°F.
Yes, you can change the temperature units of the sensor read-out and the set point.
Soft-Heat™ is a proprietary algorithm that extends the life of the heater coil by controlling the heater power to prevent the coil from glowing red-hot. A red-hot coil is indicative of surface temperatures exceeding 1000°F which will cause premature oxidation damage to titanium and shorten the life of the heater coil. Excessive temperatures cause accelerated wear of the heater's metal sheath and internal components. Soft-Heat™ rapidly heats Errlectric coils while ensuring they are operated within their ratings for optimal life time.
Errlectric® has a very smart "brain" (microprocessor) that manages all aspects of the system from the temperature control to monitoring the electronics for proper operation. A microprocessor allows the Errlectric® to have features like Soft-Heat™, a shut-off timer, and critical safety features that no other enail in the world has.
The shut-off timer will turn the Errlectric® off automatically after a set time period. The time period can set to be as short as 3 minutes and as long as 7 hours.
Errlectric® titanium nails are pressed into the heater coil for a tight fit against the heater surface; this allows proper performance of the heater and temperature sensor to prevent over-heating of the heater and nail. While it is possible to 'twist' the nail out of the coil, this will void the warranty on the heater coil as it is easily damaged and may cause over-heating of the coil surfaces due to lack of proper heat transfer.
Errlectric® heaters and nails can be cleaned using the "clean mode" in the main menu when the heater is turned on. This will perform a 5-minute, high temperature cycle to carbonize the organic materials on the metal surfaces. A titanium nail brush can then be used to clear the debris and restore the nail to near original condition. If additional cleaning is desired, or to clean passages in the Dry Herb Nail, soaking in isoproyl alcohol or a similar cleaning agent may be required. When soaking the coil, it is recommended to use a glass or similar container and position the coil as shown to avoid getting water into the cable junction at the heater. Ensure the heater disconnected from the controller and it is cool to the touch before placing in liquid.
Yes, we offer a high-quality quartz nail insert made in U.S.A. that fits into standard Errlectric® titanium nails and we also offer our "FQN" full quartz nail with an all-glass air path and patent-pending bottom heater design. Please see the "Shop" link. Check back frequently and follow us on Instagram and other social media for announcements!
Return and Refund Policy
We are sure you will love your Errlectric product, however items ordered online may be returned for a full refund for up to 30 days from the date of purchase if they are returned in their original packaging and in original condition. PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN USED ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN OR REFUND. Any equipment returned without authorization or that is not in new condition will be immediately destroyed without refund, return or credit of any kind. All items must be returned in their original packaging and in original condition. A re-stocking fee of up to 50% may be assessed on items which are returned in less than original condition. A return material authorization (RMA) is required prior to returning any merchandise; please contact us for an RMA. All items carry a manufacturer warranty; please see the warranty terms for more information. This policy does not apply to custom orders, designs or projects which are non-cancellable and non-returnable. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.