Errlectric® Firmware Update Service

$10.00 each

Errlectric® Firmware Update Service

Get the latest firmware updates and your Errlectric® will have all the newest features.

Firmware update service includes disassembly and cleaning of your Errlectric control box, inspection of the circuit board and components, firmware updating, re-assembly and testing. Units are re-packaged in a new bag and box for return shipping. This process typically takes 1-2 days once your unit is received at the factory.

Service Includes:

  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Firmware Update
  • Testing

New Features:

Firmware Version: 2.0.00

  • New "Self-Clean" Automatic Timer can initiate a 5-minute high-temperature cleaning cycle then returns to the set temperature.
  • New "Session Timer" displays the time that the Errlectric® has been on for the current session. Resets when the unit or heater is turned off.
  • New "Odometer" display keeps track and displays the total number of hours, days and years your Errlectric® has been on and heating.

Firmware Version 1.8.12

  • New temperature stability and filtering algorithm reduces temperature variance on the display.

How to Return your Unit

Once you have placed your order for upgrade, please send your control box back to our factory; the address is available under contact us. To prevent delays, please include a copy of your order, or your order number with your return.

Firmware is provided free of charge; the service fee covers our technician's time and the materials and packaging consumed during the services. Thank you for your support.